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Consistent through all of our work is the understanding that design is a conceptual exercise.  With each project, we seek to build an appropriate conceptual framework for the project to respond to, hopefully embedding the ideals of the project within its design.

The story of Telemachus:

The name Telemachus is taken from Homer’s The Odyssey.  Telemachus was the son of Odysseus and Penelope. Telemachus and his father were separated by Odysseus’ reluctant departure for the Trojan War.  Twenty years later, Telemachus was one of the few who believed in his father’s survival, and sought to protect Odysseus’ kingdom from those that would corrupt it.  Eventually, Telemachus set out to find his father and in doing so embarked on a symbolic quest for truth, a quest for self.  In turn, we hope to be that modern day Telemachus; our investigations into architecture, art and practice becoming our metaphoric quest for self.